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Changes to registration during Covid-19 Pandemic

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, patients are asked to register without coming into the practice. To register you will need to complete our online registration form. (If you are registering someone aged 16years or under, please scroll down and complete the Under 16 registration form and GMS-1 form)

**Please note: we do not notify you when we complete your registration as a new patient but we will contact you if there is a problem or need more information from you. Allow at least 4 working days for us to register you to our practice**


Anyone can join our practice regardless of where you live

If you live within our catchment area - you will be registered as a regular patient

If you live outside our catchment area - you may be able to register as an Out-of-Area patient, which means there will be some restrictions to certain services we can provide to you. 

You can check if you are within our catchment area by entering your postcode below.


How to register

Joining the practice is easy. All eligible people living in the practice's catchment area can register with Amerham Vale Practice as a regular patient.

If you are out of our catchment area; find out here on how to register as an out-of-area patient.

If you do not have an address of your own, please use the practice address to register with a GP here at Amersham Vale Practice.

The practice area includes north Lewisham up to the river Thames (New Cross, Deptford, Telegraph Hill, Brockley, Ladywell and some of Blackheath, St John’s and Greenwich). The receptionists can check the map to see if you live in the practice area.

Register here as a Patient

**Please note: we do not notify you when we complete your registration as a new patient but we will contact you if there is a problem or need more information from you.**

PLEASE NOTE: All registrations take 3 - 4 working days to process (to add you to our system)

If you wish to change practices you can do so without having to give a reason. 


Parents of children who are aged 16 or under 

Parents of children who are aged 16 or under are required to provide child's birth certificate and parent/guardians' proof of ID. It is required for the child to be registered in the same GP Practice as his/her/their parent/guardian. Please click on link below to register your child.

NOTE: you must also complete the GMS1  form below for your child; without this we can not register your child.

New Patient Under 16 Registration Form

New Patient Under 16 Registration Form (Accessible format)

GMS-1 Form (MUST be completed and sent with the above Under 16 Registration Form)

If you have trouble completing the GMS-1, please come to the surgery and we can issue the form for you to complete.

Are you a student at Goldsmiths?

We welcome all students from Goldsmiths Univeristy to register with us, please visit our dedicated section for you

Staying Registered After Moving Away

If you are moving house outside the practice area and wish to remain registered with the practice, please visit our dedicated page for out of area patient registration


Accountable / Named GP for All Patients

All patients registered at the Amersham Vale Practice have a named doctor who has overall responsibility for your care and support. If you choose to see another doctor at the surgery you are entirely free to go on doing so exactly as before.

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