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Why am I being charged for the paperwork I have requested?

Your GP’s are contracted to work for the NHS to provide a list of medical services to NHS patients. There is a range of work which is not covered by this contract – these are called non-NHS services. Since these services are not part of the NHS contract they may not be done during the hours your GP is working for the NHS but must be done instead in the GP’s own time. GP’s have the right to charge a fee for this time.

Do I have the right to demand that my GP does this work for me?

Our GP’s will do their very utmost to assist patients with private work that is given to them. However there is no obligation on them to do it (with the exception of paperwork relating to jury service). Usually your GP will try their hardest to accommodate all requests, but they have the right to refuse.

Why is it taking so long?

Remember: your GP is busy providing medical services to patients under the NHS contract. The work you have requested has to happen in his/her own time, which may be scarce for personal or professional reasons. We will try our hardest to turn around private work as efficiently as possible, but we cannot guarantee the work will always be done as rapidly as you might hope.

Who should I ask about private work?

Please speak to Christine who is one of the senior members of the administration team. You may contact Anna on her direct line 0203 049 3665 between 12am-6.30pm Mon- Fri.

How much will it cost?

This is up to the GP doing the work. Our GP’s all charge reasonable fees, which reflect BMA national guidance, and the time incurred by the GP doing the work. We have a strong awareness of the financial vulnerability of many of our patients. We are here to support our patients, not profit from them. You will be contacted by Christine who will inform you of the actual fees involved and on receipt of an invoice you will be asked to pay these costs up front.

What types of work count as private work?

  • Immigration (Home office) letters
  • Insurance reports
  • Letters to housing
  • Occupational Health reports
  • Passports
  • Private sick notes
  • and any other written information not included in the NHS contract

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