Services we provide

We are a GP practice located in the Waldron Health Centre in New Cross. We are in Suite 5 on the first floor. We provide doctor and nurse consultations for people who are unwell or who require advice about a health problem. In addition we provide the following services:


New patient health checks:

We invite all new patients to book to see one of the practice nurses for a health check. This includes finding out about your past medical history, family history and any medications or allergies. It also includes asking about lifestyle issues and advising on changes that can be made to improve your health and reduce the risk of disease. Advice about preventive services such as smoking cessation is offered. For women we check you are up to date with your cervical smears and for children that they are up to date with immunisations. There is a general health check including weight, body mass index, blood pressure and urine examination. If any health problems are picked up an appointment is booked for a doctor.


Lifestyle changes and heart health:

The practice nurses and doctors provide advice and support on lifestyle changes to help reduce cardiovascular risk (e.g. heart attacks and strokes.) This includes blood pressure and weight checks, cholesterol tests where appropriate, exercise and diet advice, smoking cessation support and referral to exercise on prescription or enrolment in our healthy walks programme.  If you would like advice on reducing your cardiovascular risk please book an appointment with a practice nurse.


Asthma & COPD (chronic obstructive airways disease):

Our practice nurses and doctors provide high quality care for people with respiratory diseases such as asthma and COPD. We manage most patients with these problems within the practice but refer more complex cases to one of the local hospitals if necessary.

Our practice nurses perform spirometry which is a breathing test which helps in the diagnosis and monitoring of COPD. They will monitor your condition, teach you how to manage your condition yourself including how to deal with exacerbations, and modify your treatment as necessary with the aim of improving symptoms, improving physical functioning and well being and as far as possible preventing the need for A+E attendance or hospital admission.

Please state that you are booking an appointment for asthma or COPD review as these are usually double appointments.


Stop smoking service

Both practice nurses, Jackie and Helen, are trained in smoking cessation methods which provide practical and psychological support for people who would like to give up smoking. Together with the GP they can prescribe smoking cessation aids like patches or tablets.  The nurses have a high “quit rate” so even if you have tried to stop before and have been unsuccessful, it’s worth trying again. You can book an appointment any time with one of the nurses. Please state that you are booking for smoking cessation advice as the first appointment for this is a double appointment.


Men's Health:      

We provide advice on all aspects of men’s health including concerns about prostate and urinary tract problems, testicular problems, sexual health and cardiovascular risk.


Women's Health:

We provide advice about contraception including emergency contraception, pregnancy testing, pre-conception advice, antenatal and postnatal care, breast problems, the menopause including hormone replacement therapy, osteoporosis prevention and treatment, diagnosis and treatment of common gynaecological problems and sexual health advice. Cervical smears are done by the practice nurses who can also take cervical and vaginal swabs to test for infection.


Contraception and family planning:

We provide advice about contraception and family planning including prescription of the oral contraceptive pill and provision of long acting injectable contraceptives. We offer pregnancy testing, emergency contraception and advice on services for termination of pregnancy.


Cervical Smears:

The practice nurses, Helen Lefevre and Jackie O’Brien offer cervical smears. This is a test to prevent cancer of the cervix by picking up early changes at a treatable stage. You can book this through the practice reception. All women who have ever been sexually active are advise to have a cervical smear test every three years from age 24-50 and every 5 years from 50-65.


Sexual Health:

We can advise on sexual health problems and test for sexually transmitted diseases including chlamydia and HIV testing in the practice. In addition there are sexual health clinics in the Waldron Health Centre and in local hospitals.


Pre-conception Care:

If you are planning to have a baby then we advise you book to see one of the doctors for health advice before becoming pregnant. This ensures you are in the best possible health and have received advice health issues in pregnancy such as folic acid supplements, screening for disorders such as sickle cell, diet, exercise and general health. For women with health problems such as diabetes or high blood pressure it is very important to optimise control of the condition before becoming pregnant.


Antenatal Care:

Antenatal care is provided by community midwives and by your GP as “shared care” That means that some antenatal appointments are with the midwife and some with the GP. The usual practice is to see your GP when you think you are pregnant for an antenatal booking appointment.  At this appointment you will be offered choice of where you would like to have your baby. Having made your choice you are referred to the appropriate provider and will be sent a midwife appointment. The midwives from Lewisham Hospital and St Thomas’s Hospital offer antenatal care in the Waldron Health centre. The GP also refers you for your first antenatal scan which takes place at around 10-12 weeks. For serious problems in early pregnancy your GP can refer you to the emergency pregnancy assessment unit at one of the local hospitals. The St Thomas’s unit is open 24 hours and you can self refer there.


Post natal care:

Your GP will offer you a mother’s postnatal health check on the same date as your baby’s 6 week health check. The mother’s postnatal check is an opportunity to discuss any health issues that have arisen since the baby was born. It can be a difficult time for new mothers and it’s important to pick up problems like post natal depression so that timely help can be offered. Advice on breast feeding, contraception and wound care is also provided as appropriate.


Child Health:

The doctors and nurses are always available to provide advice about child health and development. When a baby is born at home one of the doctors will visit to perform a new birth health check within 3 days of birth. We also provide a health check for all babies at 6 weeks of age. The baby’s 6 week check looks at physical health and development and is an opportunity to discuss with your doctor topics such as immunisation, feeding or other child health concerns you may have.
We also do the mother’s postnatal check at the same time. It is important to inform the receptionist that you are booking for the 6 week mother and baby checks as they require longer appointment times.

We offer all baby and child immunisations in the practice, apart from BCG. The first baby immunisations are done at 8 weeks of age. You can book with the practice nurses for these immunisations at any convenient time. There is a useful website with information about immunisation at If you would like your baby to have the anti TB BCG immunisation you can be referred by your health visitor.


Dermatology nurse specialist for children:

Caroline Gilbert is a dermatology nurse specialising in children’s skin problems especially the treatment of eczema. She is available on a Monday morning and appointments with her are made after referral by the GP.



There is a counsellor attached to the practice who is employed by South London and Maudsley NHS Trust. He is part of the  "Improving Access to Psychological Therapies" (IAPTS) service through which patients have access to different types of psychological therapies, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, for  a wide range of psychological problems. You can self refer or be referred by your GP. We advise you to  discuss with your GP first to explore what kind of therapy would suit you best.  There is a leaflet about the IAPTS counselling service available at reception.

For people who are unable to access a counsellor during office hours, there is a counsellor who provides low cost counselling services in the evenings and at weekends. Please ask at reception for information.


Travel Clinic:

The practice nurses provide travel advice, immunisations and anti-malaria advice and prescription. You need to book 6 weeks in advance for travel advice as several appointments may be required. The fist appointment is to assess the overall travel advice and immunisation requirements and then there may be two further appointments to provide the immunisations. Each family member travelling needs an appointment. We do not provide immunisations against Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis or Meningitis ACWY (for the Haj pilgrimage). These can be obtained from private travel clinics.  Most immunisations and malaria prescriptions are free but we charge for Yellow Fever and Hepatitis B travel immunisations. People who are registered at other GP practices can book to have their Yellow Fever vaccinations at our practice.



Our practice nurses provide all the baby and child immunisations, travel immunisations, adult booster immunisations and pre-conception rubella immunisation for women who are not immune to rubella. There is a useful website with information about immunisation at


Diabetic Clinic:

Our practice nurses and doctors provide high quality care for people with diabetes including people who are using insulin. We can look after most people with type 2 diabetes within the practice without the need for them to attend hospital appointments. You can book an appointment for diabetes care with the nurses and this is usually a double appointment. In addition there is a community diabetic clinic and dietician in the Waldron Health Centre to whom we can refer you. We refer patients who may need to start using insulin to the community diabetic clinic. There are also patient education classes for diabetes that we can refer you to. More complex diabetic cases including people with type 1 diabetes are referred to a local hospital diabetic clinic of their choice.


High blood pressure, heart disease and stroke care:

Our aim is to prevent heart disease and stroke by advice and support for lifestyle changes such as stopping smoking and early detection and treatment of risk factors such as high blood pressure. For people who have already suffered from heart attacks or strokes we aim to ensure they have all the appropriate advice about how to improve their health and reduce the likelihood of further episodes. This includes regular monitoring and advice on lifestyle changes and medication to reduce risk factors such as high cholesterol, blood sugar or blood pressure.


Health Care Assistant (HCA) Clinic Monday, Thursday & Friday (9.45am – 14.00pm):

Diabetic foot check & annual reviews, Hypertension reviews, Suture removals, Dressings, Smoking cessation follow ups & Pregnancy tests.

Wendy Taylor (HCA) provides a Clinic for the above listed appointment types Monday, Thursday & Friday 9.45am – 14.00pm by appointment only. Patients can contact the practice to book an appointment and to check before attending the surgery the clinic is scheduled to run as annual leave cover will not be provided.


Minor injuries, wounds, minor burns and stitch removal:

The practice nurses can deal with some minor injuries such minor burns or wounds, and remove stitches. The nurse will assess the problem and if she feels that medical advice or more specialised treatment (e.g. for burns) is required will refer as appropriate.


Elderly and housebound:

We work alongside district nurses, community matrons and other services in caring for elderly people with long term illnesses, especially those who are unable to leave the house due to infirmity. Local pharmacies can deliver medication to patients homes if this is arranged between the patient and the pharmacy. We will visit people at home who are unable to attend the surgery. If you think a home visit may be required please phone as early as possible so the visit can be allocated to the doctors who usually do home visits in the first half of the afternoon.


End of life care:

We work alongside district nurses, community matrons and specialist palliative care nurses to provide care for people with terminal illnesses who require care and support in their homes. We also provide support for their carers.


Exercise on referral:

We can refer eligible people to the local sports centre at Wavelengths for exercise classes to support weight loss and reduction of cardiovascular risk.


Walking for health:

The practice nurses  have pedometers and small items of exercise equipment to lend to people to help them increase physical activity and lose weight by walking more.


Drug and alcohol problems:

We work with other agencies such as Foundation 66, Lewisham Community Drug and Alcohol Service and Alcohol recovery Project to provide help and support for people with drug and alcohol problems including weekly or fortnightly prescription of methadone or buprenorphine for those who are attending an approved drug support agency. We are only able to support up to 20 people on such programmes at any one time due to the high workload involved.


Homeless People:

We work with other agencies such as St Mungo’s Hostel in Pagnell St and Deptford Churches Centre to provide health care for homeless people. For people who have no home address they can give the address of one of the local homeless agencies when registering.


Refugees and asylum seekers:

We provide health care for refugees and asylum seekers.


Interpreting/Advocacy Service:

For patients who don’t speak English, we can arrange for a telephone interpreter at the consultation. We can also book British Sign Language interpreters. Please ask at reception. There is a social work student attached to the practice who can provide an advocacy service for patients. That means she can discuss with you ways of helping you access the kind of health, social or community services you need.