Julie Roye

Julie Roye

Gender: Female

Pronoun: She/ Her/ Hers

Qualifications: (DipHE) Adult Nursing, (BSc) Independent practitioner, (BSc ) Midwifery,  (Msc) Advanced clinical practitioner, (PGcert) non-medical prescriber

Special interest: Sexual health, reproduction, women’s health and long term conditions


I have been nursing for many years and I have worked in several general practice surgeries in Lewisham, Southwark, and Croydon. I started my journey as a staff nurse  working on renal, transplant and dialysis wards.  I now work as an advanced clinical practitioner (ACP) which is defined by Health Education England

‘……Advanced clinical practice embodies the ability to manage clinical care in partnership with individuals, families and carers. It includes the analysis and synthesis of complex problems across a range of settings, enabling innovative solutions to enhance people’s experience and improve outcomes. This definition therefore requires that health and care professionals working at the level of advanced clinical practice will exercise autonomy and decision making in a context of complexity, uncertainty and varying levels of risk, holding accountability for decisions made’ (Health Education England, 2017).

In addition to this I am also the Primary care nurse consultant for Lewisham South East London Clinical Commissioning Group (SELCCG).  I joint lead the national Black minority ethnic general practice nurse (BME GPN) network for NHS England and I am a core group member for Chief Nursing Office for England Strategic advisory group (CNO SAG). Sometimes on good days when I have some spare time, I write a few articles or blogs.

I enjoy enjoys spending time with my family, yoga, meditation, reading and sometimes playing the piano.