Lianne Auguste

Lianne Auguste

Gender: Female

Pronoun: She/ Her/ Hers

I have been with this practice 5 years now and have got to know a lot of the patients by starting as a receptionist. I am now the Practice administrator. Some of you may think I have left, But …..I am still here just not as visible as before , as I am now working in the office Completing Private Work requested by patients.

I also look after the Goldsmith Students. I Give Talks at the University about how the NHS and our practice works. This gives them a helping hand in putting their health first. I also Chair Patient Participation Group. This runs 4 times a year and I encourage our patients to come to these meetings, as they are very informative and give you, the patient, a chance to let us hear from you face to face. Hope to see you at a meeting soon and Welcome to Amersham Vale Practice.

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