Ms Pat Dada

Ms Pat Dada

Gender: Female

Pronoun: She/ Her/ Hers

Registered Nurse. Trained District Nurse and Community Matron . Independent Prescriber. Experience in Community Nursing and management of Long Term Conditions.

I have worked at Amersham Vale Practice for five years. My background is in District Nurse where I worked for almost all of my career. The last eight years before I retired, I worked as a Community Matron managing Long Term Conditions. Amersham Vale Practice was one of the practices I was assigned to.

I always had a good relationship with the Doctors, nurses and the Admin staff. The Doctors are very caring and supportive and if I had any concerns with patients they respond positively to ensure the patents always have good care. I got a phone call after I retired from one of the Doctors asking me if I would like to work as a practice nurse. My answer was that I didnt know anything about Practice Nursing. He assured me that I will be trained and supported to acquire the new skills. Some of my skills as a Community Nurse were transferrable.

Since joining Amersham Vale Practice I have learnt a lot and still learning. I enjoy working with a fantastic Nursing Team. The Amersham Vale team is diverse and coming to work is pleasurable.

I never thought I will be still working at this age (I am not telling how old I am!!!) but I really enjoy coming to work!!!!