Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD)


What is Electronic Repeat Dispensing (also known as eRD)?

In simple terms:

Instead of requesting your repeat medication on a frequent basis, and having to wait 2 working days for a GP to approve

You simply attend your nominated pharmacy when you are next due your medication and they will give it to you straight away - no need to request with the GP!

This will save you time and any frustrations of any delays with getting your medication.


*Nominated Pharmacy also includes Online Pharmacy Delivery 

*if you need an earlier prescription, for example: you are going on holiday and you will run out of medication when you are away, they will be able to generate the prescription for you straight away without having to contact the GP Practice.

*If you need to collect from a different pharmacy make sure to get TOKEN code and show it at the alternative pharmacy


If you are interested in having eRD set-up, please complete the 'expression of interest' form below, and we will then start process of reviewing your medication, ensuring everything is up-to-date and that it is safe for you and we will contact you with an outcome if we can or cannot set you up.

Please continue to read the below FAQs.



1) How does the pharmacy know I have eRD?

When you pick up your prescription the first time after eRD has been set up, they will be notified of this on their computer system, so when you need your next repeat, simply walk-in (or request from your online pharmacy) and collect straight away (have it delivered straight away).


2) How do I know it is safe?

Before we can set you on with Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD), we need to ensure that it is safe to offer you this, by completing all the neccessary checks.

Example: if you have Hypertension (High blood pressure) - we will ensure that your blood pressure is in a safe range, no side effects to the medication, that you've been stable on the current medication for 6 months; also make sure you are taking the medication reguarly and that your medication review and if applicable blood tests are up-to-date.

When you collect from the pharmacy prior to issuing they will ask you 4 safety questions before issuing, to establish if anything has changed.

If any changes are reported, they will advise you to contact the GP for further review, and cancel the eRD set-up until you have seen a GP to re-review the concerns raised.

Note: We pre-authorise normally between 3 - 12 months of your repeat prescriptions, so when your eRD (prescription) is coming to an end, the pharmacy will notifiy you to contact the GP to have a medication review, so that we can reassess you, and re-start the next eRD with your nominated pharmacy.


3) What if I am starting on new medication or change medication?

Only regular medication that you have been assessed as being stable on (as stated above) can be issued as an eRD.

If you start new medication or change medication: you will need to be stable for at least 6 months before eRD can be set up. So with this new and / or change of medication you will need to request this by submiting a request to the practice and wait 2 working days for prescription to be approved during the initial 6 months.

See how to request a repeat prescription here


For more information visit SELCCG - Electronic Prescribing for Patients

NHS Leaflet - A New Way to Get Your Regular Prescriptions


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