Friends & Family Test Results




The NHS want you to have the best possible experience of care. The NHS Friends and Family Test is a way of gathering your feedback, so we can continually review our service.

It is based on one simple question:

"Overall, how was your experience of our service?"

Your feedback will help us learn more about what you think of your experience – what you like and what you think we could improve. Ultimately, you’re helping us to make changes that will ensure we can offer the best possible care.


FFT Results

Select year:
  • 94% Recommended
  • 2% Neither / don't know
  • 4% Not recommended
Year-month Extremely Likely Likely Neither Likely nor Unlikely Unlikely Extremely Unlikely Don't Know
May 2022 200000
Apr 2022 300000
Mar 2022 000000
Feb 2022 000000
Jan 2022 000000
Dec 2021 000000
Nov 2021 000000
Oct 2021 000000
Sep 2021 000000
Aug 2021 000000
Jul 2021 000000
Jun 2021 000000
May 2021 000000
Apr 2021 000000
Mar 2021 200000
Feb 2021 186173382
Jan 2021 143141430
Dec 2020 156163110
Nov 2020 178285321
Oct 2020 2093310320
Sep 2020 152110121
Aug 2020 5572020
Jul 2020 72101240
Jun 2020 70101030
May 2020 5661031
Apr 2020 3252000
Mar 2020 742236102
Feb 2020 000000
Jan 2020 000020
Dec 2019 000000
Nov 2019 000010
Oct 2019 000000
Sep 2019 000000
Aug 2019 000000
Jul 2019 000000
Jun 2019 000000
May 2019 000000
Apr 2019 000000
Mar 2019 000100
Feb 2019 100000
Jan 2019 100100
Dec 2018 100000
Nov 2018 000000
Oct 2018 000000
Sep 2018 000000
Aug 2018 000000
Jul 2018 000000
Jun 2018 000000
May 2018 000000
Apr 2018 000000
Mar 2018 000000
Feb 2018 000000
Jan 2018 100000
Dec 2017 000010
Nov 2017 010000
Oct 2017 010000
Sep 2017 000000
Aug 2017 100000
Jul 2017 210000
Jun 2017 000000
May 2017 000000
Apr 2017 000000
Mar 2017 100010
Feb 2017 100000
Jan 2017 100000

Patient feedback

We asked the question:
What is the main reason for your answer to the question?

Always friendly , helpful.
Posted on: 11/05/2022

Friendly, clean, best GP and very helpful. Thank you.
Posted on: 11/05/2022

best practice in new cross
Posted on: 07/04/2022

Reception are kind and helpful. They always do the best to accommodate my needs.
Posted on: 07/04/2022

Since joining the practice. I have received prompt, compassionate, evidence based care. Admin you have been patient and kind when my mental health is fragile and your IT system is efficient + "lean" Thank you
Posted on: 01/04/2022

Staff were friendly and informative. Best experience I've had at a doctors surgery for a while. Often staff are rude or ill informed
Posted on: 01/03/2021

I really appreciate the children's line as the doctors are always do helpful
Posted on: 01/03/2021

Nurse was very professional and made me feel at ease with clear explanations
Posted on: 25/02/2021

Excellent personalised care from friendly staff
Posted on: 24/02/2021

Very professional approach to the patient, precise answer to my every question, nice atmosphere.
Posted on: 19/02/2021

Excellent care. My doctor, Fiona Harding, has been seeing me regularly due to a long term illness. She has been extremely helpful, giving me advice on how to manage the illness and going back to health. She always listens to my worries and always answers any doubts or questions I may have. She always does this with tact, sympathy and care. The reception staff are always helpful, polite and run the surgery professionally.
Posted on: 05/06/2020

Good doctors and facilities
Posted on: 16/04/2020

Always helpful.Great Care
Posted on: 19/02/2019

A fantastic appointment with a nurse at your clinic. Approachable, caring and knowledgeable!
Posted on: 26/01/2019

Patient at this Practice
Posted on: 07/12/2018

Lovely receptionists and very knowledgable and helpful Doctors and Nurses. I've been coming to this GP for years and have always received great care and advice. Can wholeheartedly recommend!
Posted on: 04/01/2018

Very good GPs and staff are very friendly - however, trying to book same day appointments is near impossible as the line is always busy no matter if you call at 8am - I have called over100 times from 8 am and received 'line busy' every time.
Posted on: 13/11/2017

nice, clean, friendly
Posted on: 23/10/2017

I already have. I like Patient Access. Location very convenient, Pharmacy works well. I don't like having my surname displayed on electronic board, and would like the choice of what name I have displayed, no one asked my consent to put my whole name on the electronic board and as I have an unusual name, as well as being well known in some circles, I would prefer it not to be on there.
Posted on: 20/07/2017

I've been a patient of this practice for nearly 14 years, and as time has passed, Amersham Vale Practice has improved their services massively! Doctors are dedicated to their patients, particularly Dr Irvine and Dr Wessely. I am always glad to receive treatment or being referred to another service within my community and beyond. Keep it up with the good work, well done Amersham Vale Practice!
Posted on: 19/07/2017

Always friendly & helpful advice. Highly recommended
Posted on: 18/07/2017

Both Doctors/Nurses and receptionists are very friendly and helpful.
Posted on: 10/03/2017

Lovely surgery. I've always been treated well by the receptionists and the doctors have been caring and understanding.
Posted on: 09/01/2017