Updated 04/05/2022


We strive to offer as many face to face appointments to our patients.

In order to do this we need to have strict guidelines in place to fully utilise every available appointment.

In light of this we have introduce this policy; Did Not Attend (DNA) for our patients.


What can I do to cancel my appointments?


Just let us know.

We would like at least 24 hours notice, but we know this is not always possible, so, try and let us know at least 1 hour of your scheduled appointment time.

Letting us know as soon as possible, allows us to rebook another patient into that time slot.


You can cancel your appointment by:

  • Calling us on 020 3474 6730
  • Reply to the text reminder – follow instructions within that text reminder
  • Use the NHS app or Patient Access app
  • Attend the practice in person to cancel.
  • You can now call the practice on 020 3474 6730 when we are closed and leave a voicemail to cancel your appointment (option 1). Please note: you must clearly leave your name, contact number, appointment time and date. Please do not leave any other message as these will not be dealt with or listened to.

What does “Did Not Attend” mean?


DNA means Did Not Attend.

It is when a patient fails to attend their appointment without a valid reason, which results in a waste of an appointment.

This appointment could have been given to another patient who is in urgent need of care.

We need to cut down on the amount of DNA appointments that occur.


What will happened if I forget to cancel, or miss an appointment?


If you miss ONE appointment:

We will send you a text (or a letter to those without a mobile number) to remind you that you missed an appointment, and direct you to review this policy, so you are aware of the next steps if you fail to turn up to any other appointments within a 12 month rolling period.


If you miss TWO appointments within a rolling 12 month period:

You will be sent a first warning letter from the practice, asking you to explain why you did not attend, and advising you that another missed appointment could result in you being removed from the practice list.

If the reason is deemed valid, this DNA notification will be updated to accept your reason.


If you miss THREE appointments or more within a rolling 12 month period:

You will be sent a second warning letter.

A telephone appointment will be made for you to speak to the practice manager or patient services team within 4 weeks of your third DNA, to explain why you did not attend, and what is preventing you from cancelling an appointment, to see if we can help you in anyway.

If the reason is valid – we will waive this third DNA, but the first two DNAs will remain.

If no valid reason is given – you will be removed from the practice list.


If you cancel the telephone appointment with the practice manager and do not reschedule it. You will be removed from the practice list.

If you do not answer the call from the practice manager. You will be removed from the practice list and you will have to find a new GP practice to register at.


You will be informed of the decision in writing.

Once a removal has been actioned, you have 30 days to find a new GP practice to accept you onto their register.

You will not be able to re-register with us again for 12 months, from the date the practice manager decides to remove you.



1) I failed to attend my pre-booked face to face appointment, but the doctor called me instead, why is this a 'Did Not Attend'?

Face to Face appointments are highly sought after and these slots types need to be fully utlised in the way they are set up. 

We have different appointment types available for face to face and telephone appointments.

Some problems can be dealt with over the phone, so face to face are kept for those that either request a face to face or need an examination.

Failure to attend a Face to Face appointment means another patient that needed a face to face was delayed in being seen, so it would be deemed as a 'Did Not Attend'


2) I did not bring my child to the appointment, why have I received the 'Did Not Attend' message?

A child that fails to attend appointment is recorded as 'Was not brought in'

A child cannot attend an appointment alone, so we record the DNA as a 'Was not brought in'

The same DNA policy above applies to you and your child.