Out of Area Registration Scheme


Registering with us if you live outside our catchment area


If you are thinking of joining us and you are out of our catchment area, you must agree to these rules


We recognise that some of our registered patients would like to remain registered with us due to familiarity and for continuity in their care. This may be possible when you move out of our catchment area, but the following rules will still apply to you.


As a practice, we do allow patients to register with us, regardless of where they live in England, but with some exceptions and some restrictions to the services that we provide.




Amersham Vale Practice recognises that not all patients wish to register at a surgery close to their home address. Many patients prefer to register closer to their place of work or study. In order to address this demand we are introducing a new form of registration called “Out of Area” (OOA) Registration.


OOA Registration offers the patients all the services usually associated with registration, with one exception: Home Visit. If an OOA Registered patient is unwell and needs to be seen at home, whatever the time of day or night, they can call 111 (urgent) or 999 (emergency) and get the care they needed.

There are some patients who are not suitable for OOA registration. These include any patient who is likely to require input from a specialist team who are geographically located according to their home, not their GP address.


This includes (but not limited to) patient/s services in the following services:

-           Pregnant women/ Antenatal services

-           Families with children under the age of 16/ Health Visitors and School Nurses

-           Patients with serious mental health problems/ Community Mental Health Teams

-           Patients or Families with Child Safeguarding needs/ Children’s Social Care

-           Patients with Adult Safeguarding needs/ Adult Social Care

-           Patients with complex community-based packages of care/ Adult Social Care


The reasons for denying the option of OOA registration to patients in groups such as these is that their health and social care needs are based met through registration close to where they live. It is difficult and impractical for GP’s to coordinate such care remotely with services, with which they do not already have strong professional working relationships.

The practice has the right to decline to register any patient from these categories or request the patient register elsewhere if their circumstances result in them entering one of these groups while previously registered as OOA at our practice.


OOA registration will, we hope, allow patients who are pleased with the level of care our service provides to remain with our practice should they move away, if they wish, We also hope that patients who travel to work or study in the New Cross area, and who are therefore part of our community, might also have access to our GP surgery for the first time.


Please note that registering as an OOA patient you may sometimes need a referral to a particular service. Sometimes there are restrictions to how and where we can refer you as some referrals are based on your address. We are limited when it comes to referrals beyond our local area. So there may be times a referral will be rejected simply based on your home address which is out of our control. If you are seeking a referral it may be better to join a GP practice closer to home to avoid any possible delays to any treatment (including urgent treatment, such as urgent suspected cancer referrals).


Any patients that live outside of London, it may be in your best interest to register closer to your home address to receive unrestrictive care, but if you choose to stay registered with us we will be happy to review this on an individual basis.


What do I do to register as an Out-of-Area Patient?

New Patients

You MUST complete both the  New Patient Registration Form, and the Out of Area Registration Form and submit to us as soon as possible to avoid a delay in registering you


Exisiting Patients

You MUST complete these THREE forms the Change of Address Form  and the Out of Area Registration Form plus the GMS-1 Form and submit to us as soon as possible to avoid a delay in changing your address and accepting you as an out-of-area patient


What if I move back into the catchment area, after being registered as out of area?

Simply complete the change of address form. If accepted, we will then re-register you as a regular patient. Then the above rules will no longer apply to you.